Capital Project client support


Being your eyes and ears. So you can get on with your job

You will be busy enough without having to micro-manage every aspect of your capital project – especially as it’s unlikely to be your area of expertise.

We therefore act as an ‘Intelligent Client’, with access to all the expertise, experience and information that is needed to make well-informed and timely decisions as a scheme progresses. It is rare for a college or other institution to have either the time or experience to fulfil all areas of managing a substantial building scheme. Keystone can sit alongside your senior management team, supplementing your capacity and capability as required.

This support pays dividends, especially in the early stages of project definition, where opportunities to add value, and achieve value for money, are greatest.

Maximising your chances of success

Feasibility studies are often a vital pre-cursor to the adoption of preferred options determined in a property strategy, making sure of a project’s deliverability before committing time and resources to incurring design development costs. They are also useful in the absence of a single preferred option, to assess the possibilities and make recommendations.

At Keystone we work with our clients to prepare feasibility studies to critically assess the base information, and ‘put meat on the bones’ of the concept, to provide certainty over the deliverability of a project and so avoid a client heading down an inadvisable route.

Thrive or just survive – helping you get the funding you need

Of course, any estate development plan needs funding, and with public funding in short supply, it is vital to put yourself in the best position to obtain your share of the pot.

With extensive experience in assisting FE colleges to obtain funding for capital projects, we can work with you to help you achieve the improvements your college will benefit from. We have led the preparation of funding applications to the SFA (and previously the LSC), DCELLS now DfES (Wales), European Regional Development Funding streams (ERDF) and BIS, as well as supporting approaches for commercial sponsorship support.

We have led successful funding applications for many colleges including: Liverpool Community College, Newbury College, Bracknell & Wokingham College, Stroud College, Macclesfield College, South Devon College, Highbury College and Wiltshire College.

To find out more about how we can support you, call us on 0117 952 3095, or email mail@keystone-