Strategic property advice


Defining strategy from the outset

Estate development is a complex issue, and publicly-funded institutions often need to consider a combination of new build, extension, re-use or refurbishment and possibly longer term sale, acquisition and/or relocation as part of their strategy. They may well need to combine some shorter term elements with others projected for the future, and will need to balance their overall objectives with their business plan, budget and stakeholder considerations.

One of Keystone’s core activities is that of Strategic Property Adviser to the FE sector, which we offer throughout England and Wales to colleges embarking on estate development programmes.

Adding value through independent, high quality advice

We provide leadership and independent, high quality advice; acting as the Informed Client on your behalf to manage the services and functions needed to deliver the strategy which best fits your needs. This can relate to schemes of all sizes, from a simple refurbishment to whole campus relocation.

When Keystone provides strategic property advice, it is not only tailored to your specific context and requirements, but driven by your business strategy and needs. Whatever your needs, we will ensure you make the best decisions according to your circumstances and budget.

We can:

  • Advise on the overall strategy
  • Support the client in determining the strategic planning assumptions
  • Advise on third party support required and procure appropriate advisers
  • Prepare and monitor the programme and fee budgets
  • Manage and co-ordinate the work of other advisers
  • Report to the client on progress

Improving your existing estate

While funding opportunities may not be as available as in the past, there are several options for immediate estate improvement. However, purely short terms solutions tend to lead to consequential inefficiencies in both space use and running costs. Even with limited funding, we can recommend a strategic approach to estates expenditure, which ensures that all resources achieve the maximum effect without compromising longer-term development options into the future.

We have prepared property strategies for many colleges including Cornwall College, Wiltshire College, Coleg Gwent and South Devon College. We have worked with several colleges to revise and update their property strategy following the reduction in availability of capital funding support.

To identify how you can make the most of your property strategy, call us on 0117 952 3095, or email