Our Services

our services

Driving your project forward

We are proud to offer a top quality, fully independent and bespoke service. Whether you are simply looking for assistance with a funding application; or for someone to act as your adviser and advocate through any stage of project implementation, Keystone is here to help. We aim to take the pain out the process, leaving you to focus on what you do best.

  • Strategic property advice
    • Including the preparation of property strategies, strategic advice and estate improvement
  • Space need
    • Assisting you with space utilisation studies and space needs assessments
  • Capital project client support
    • Incorporating intelligent client support, feasibility studies and funding applications
  • Project Planning
    • Including outsourcing and procurement, briefing and project execution plans
  • Project Delivery
    • Covering many facets of project management, including contract administration, migration, furniture and equipment procurement and post-occupancy monitoring

Not sure which way to turn? If you need help to take your capital project forward, call us on 0117 952 3095, or email mail@keystone-projects.co.uk