Space need


Ensuring best-fit solutions

It may be stating the obvious, but if you don’t know how your current buildings are really working for you, you can’t determine your future needs.

Space utilisation surveys provide essential factual data to underpin space needs assessments and property strategies. Keystone can handle the entire process, or simply provide templates and briefings to enable you to carry out your own survey, providing interpretation and presentation of the survey results.

Matching your space to your needs – and budget

Meanwhile, a space planning exercise to assess future accommodation requirements for effective and efficient delivery of the planned curriculum is a fundamental component of your property strategy. Keystone can conduct a space needs assessment to enable decisions to be made on the potential for rationalisation, new build requirements or remodelling / refurbishment opportunities.

Making the most of your resources

In the current economic climate, many colleges and other institutions need to make sure they optimise their existing facilities, making them as space- and energy-efficient as possible in the short to medium term, and Keystone is ideally placed to help clients do this.

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