Project Delivery


Bringing your scheme to life – on time and to budget

Building a new campus, wing or extension to a public building is a substantial undertaking, with a great deal riding on its successful conclusion. Processes have to be clear and transparent, the right appointments need to be made, and all the external consultants and contractors on the team need to perform and work together in terms of quality, programme and cost.

Project managing a large scheme is usually not the specialism of the building’s owners or operators. Keystone has provided Project Management and/or Contract Administration services on over 15 capital projects, from small- scale refurbishments to whole new developments. This means you can be confident that such an essential role will be performed with consummate professionalism, leaving you to focus on running your business. We often provide the project management services in the earlier more uncertain stages of a project up to the point at which planning consent has been secured and a building contractor appointed.

Information Technology now allows much more effective and efficient communication. We can manage project information in a cloud environment to ensure clients always have access to current information and a structured information record without doing their own filing. We promote the use of BIM software, which provides a virtual 3D model of the building with great advantages in client consultation and reduced risk in construction. We are currently exploring potential benefits to the Facilities Management of the building post occupation.

Furniture and equipment procurement, migration and occupation planning are areas that can suffer from lack of effective coordination. Often clients have the expertise to undertake these activities in house, but are less used to larger projects or coordinating with building activities. We have extensive experience in this field and can develop a plan and processes or support where additional resources are required.

Post Occupancy Monitoring: ensuring a soft landing

Building performance is becoming ever more important as buildings become more complex to meet modern sustainability, functionality and safety expectations. We ensure clients receive a ‘soft landing’ with the new building and promote post occupancy monitoring to ensure the building delivers its promised performance. Post occupancy monitoring should involve the designers and builders but need not be costly when well structured to make best use of the College’s resources to gather performance data.

Our approach in all areas will always involve an ongoing reassessment of risk, and taking the necessary pre- emptive measures to save you from potentially major headaches further down the line. Even on the smoothest projects, disputes can arise, and we employ our expert negotiation skills to reach agreements without recourse to expensive and distracting legal proceedings.

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